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short-term. i'm ready to debate. thanks for joining the conversation this week on "your money" we're here every saturday and sunday. have a great weekend. hello, everybody, thank you very much for joining us. i'm garry tuchman in for fredericka whitfield. these are to the stories we are watching. the goal of a new piece initiative underway right now in egypt. an egyptian military official says an israeli special envoy has just arrived for talks.
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israel targeted hamas government buildings, homes and a media center. six journalists were injured when that media was hilt twice. let's go to the israeli border at gaza. >> reporter: there's actually an air alarm in a town a couple of miles away from here. we have heard some thumping impacts there, just a couple of minutes before we went live on this report. tonight we ourselves have had to take cover twice when there were rockets being fired. it really has been quite a busy day, quite an intense day for the people here as well. they have been having to take cover quite a number of times. we have seen, i would say at least a dozen air alarms. also we were out in an open field and we had to take shelter there several times as well.
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it seems as though the rocket barrages are going on even more intensely than they were before. what the israelis of course do have is this missile interceptor system which has been active throughout the entire day. what this thing does, the way it works is that it only shoots down rockets that are actually in danger of hitting populated areas. if you're in a more rural area than your car. once there is an air alarm, people get out of their cars and duck down so they don't get hurt by any shrapnel.
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they know that the threat is so bad. usually it's worse during the daytime hours and yes there was traffic, and all of this is magni magnified, it's even worse for young people, for children who live here. their parents keep them inside for the better part of the day, the schools are closed here in this area. and people really, when they do have to bring their kids out, or move their kids, go to great pains make sure that that trip is very quick and that it's planned very carefully. so it is taking a big toll on people. and there is that psychological moment when you're outside and even when there's no air strike to go on, it is waiting to go
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back on. and that's on the back of people's mind. when there are rocket barrages that are fired throughout these places throughout the day. if you look at the early morning hours, we woke up to rockets hitting the town where we are staying. >> it's just after 11:00 at night in southern israel. it's in a much cheaper way in gaza strip in gas stay. we heard a really intense and loud roar. that was not incoming that was an outgoing missile. seeing them roaring into the sky in the direction of israel, but this was much louder, much stronger, so clearly it's not
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one of those home made variety of weapons. so in addition to that, we have been hearing a lot of incoming, in fact there was some incoming just after that rocket was fired. we understand that what we have seen this evening is compared to what happens every night fairly normal. it's after midnight, around 1:00, 2:00 in the morning when the bombing, the shelling, the air raids usually intensify. >> israel is claiming to have killed one of hamas's chief rocket experts. but hamas is not confirming his death. what's the confusion there? >> well, i may only add to your confusion, garry, because this man, is somebody that the people in the neighborhood say they have never heard of. it's not a name that's familiar to our sources within hamas so it's not quite clear, who this man, the israelis initially had
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claimed that they had killed in this air strike in the area north of gaza city, which also killed 11 other people including women and children. and we just received a notification from the israeli army spokesman's office, saying that in fact they're not sure they killed him either. so the situation regarding this individual, whoever he may be unfortunately is no clearer now than it was a few hours ago. >> ben, thank you very much. anderson cooper is in gaza city also, wolf blitzer is in jerusalem covering all the breaking developments on this crisis, they'll both join me live with the latest details just about an hour from now just after 5:00 p.m. eastern time. president obama is monitoring the conflict in the middle east as he travels through asia. tonight he met with thailand's keep and saudi arabia. today the president did address
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the fighting between israel and hamas, saying he has talked to leaders in the region. >> my message to all of them was that israel has every right to expect that it does not have missiles fired into its territory. if that can be accomplished without a ramping up of military activity in gaza, that's preferable. >> thailand is just the first stop of the president's three-nation tower of asia. tomorrow he goes to myanmar which is something that no president of the united states has every done in history. what did david petraeus say at the close of the benghazi hearing and why are republicans calling the former cia director's testimony part of a cover-up? we'll have all the details.
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writer of the "new york times." >> general petraeus says he made it clear all along that it was an organized terror strike. petraeus called it a spontaneous effect earlier. >> i think both versions could be correct. the initial intelligence was it was a spontaneous attack of some kind. general petraeus has told special cabinet members that it was carried about by troops who were al qaeda affiliated. she remembers him saying it was a terrorist attack. so i think lawmakers are focusing on different parts of the same briefing. >> republicans, eric, are saying they don't buy the suggestion, the protest explanation was to make sure al qaeda would be unaware of the u.s. intelligence community's suspicions. are they right about that? >> i think you have to remember
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the context of that. there may have been perhaps an element of undue caution on the part of the intelligence community not wanting to have the names of the specific route they expected were responsible for this. there were a number of reasons for that. they wouldn't want necessarily to know that they were intercepting their electronic communications. the justice department wouldn't want it to be known for reasons that could harm their criminal inquiry. another reason they don't want the information to be out there because it would create a circular information loop and the intelligence community wouldn't know what was the real information and what was the stuff they already put out there. >> there's a number of u.s. state department -- president -- it seems like her statements certainly made the situation more volatile and worse whether she was given bad information or not, right? >> well, certainly, i think what
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it exposed was the difference between a much more detailed and specific explanation that members of the intelligence committees received and what they determined later would be for public consumption, this watered down version where they changed the name of various al qaeda affiliate groups and change it to a more generic determine of extremists. they didn't want to tip-off the insurgents that they were on to them so they came up with this term that could be fed to the public. susan rice said that this was what she was cleared to use when she spoke by television a few days after the attack. >> some people are calling this a cover-up, including white house aids of covering it up, someone removed the terror link from the talking points that was initially handed out.
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a did that happen, and if it did happen, why? >> how in this process of removing the specific names of these extremist groups including al qaeda affiliate, a local liberal group, was there any one individual or one agency that did this? this went through an interagency process in washington 1/2. it had to be signed off by various members of the white house, members of the nfc. the only words they changed along with the state department was changing the words to diplomatic facility in the -- from the mission. and so they had nothing to do with the intelligence assessment at all. so there's still some question of exactly where in this process that the names were changed to the more generic reference to terror. >> you're not in new york city, that skyline behind you is
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mountain view, california. eric schmidt, it sounds like you were in that closed door meeting, we know you weren't, but thank you for joining us. there was a story that went unreported on election night. mitt romney's landslide, he actually had many of them across the country in his loss to barack obama. we went to king county, texas where president obama suffered his most severe shellacking. >> reporter: what do you think of barack obama's first term? >> ain't worth a damn. i don't agree with anything he done. >> reporter: it was a sentiment that was also common after president obama's first run for president. 3.4% chose obama, the lowest for any county in the country.
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if you could tell barack obama to do one thing, what would you tell -- king county is not only barack obama's lowest vote percentage, it's also the county where he received the lowest total number of votes. nationwide, the president tal tallied more than 62 million votes. but here in this county, he got 5 votes. mitt romney winning 139 to 5, made this the president's worst showing in the u.s. we went to the girl's basketball game at guthrie wrl high school and asked the voters why there was such distaste with barack obama's presidency. >> i thought he sounded more like a dictator than a president. >> we went to the local baptist church to a monthly women's club meeting and heard similar
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sentiments. >> anything that goes wrong, he just blames it on bush, the last administration, it wasn't his fault, well now it is his fault. >> reporter: just after president obama was inaugurated, we spent time in king county. >> i just ask god that he would truly connect with him so he would know what god's heart was for the united states of america. >> reporter: you told us four years ago that you hoped the lord would help barack obama. >> yes. >> reporter: do you think that happened? >> it doesn't appear so. >> reporter: and then there was something we heard before. what bothers you about president obama's first term. >> that he lied to us about where he was born. to me he just seems dishonest. >> reporter: he said he was born in hawaii and he's said that for a long time.
4:18 pm
and i wonder if you have heard that and if you have, why don't you believe that? >> i just don't believe anything he says. >> reporter: there are certainly people in king county that still don't believe the president about his country of birth and they don't believe him about his faith. he says he's a devout chris, but doubts about that exist. >> i think he's a muslim. >> back at the basketball game, it was notable that there were more people working at the concession stand than who voted for obama. all we can tell you is that the obama voter is indeed somewhere in this wide shot of the crowd, he did not feel comfortable with his decision to vote for the man who at least here is the most unpopular president. >> there were scores of other
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counties that gave the president only single digit support. and obama had his counties where he overwhelmingly defeated mitt romney. but king county, texas did have the largest wind fall. >> a lot of hype with the new film lincoln in theaters. having you ship my gifts couldn't be easier. well, having a ton of locations doesn't hurt. and my daughter loves the santa. oh, ah sir. that is a customer. let's not tell mom. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. fedex office. the distances aren't getting shorter. ♪ the trucks are going farther.
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you think we're talking about president day washington, but it's the same story, back in abraham lincoln was president of this nation. now the comparison seems even more timely because the new steven spielberg movie, "lincoln" has come to theater. professor lichtman. there's a lot of talk of
4:23 pm
gridlock in the april system. how much does president obama's administration mere error lincoln? >> it was so much worst for abraham lincoln. first in the 1850s, the issue of slavery shattered his own party, which was the prig party. then in the election of 1860, the democratic party provided all the slavery and that elected abraham lincoln with just 40% of the popular vote. then even before lincoln was even inaugurated, southern states began to remove themselves from the union. things were so tense, he had to be snuck into washington under the cover of darkness. >> professor litchman what does
4:24 pm
president obama admire about president lincoln? >> i think there's a lot barack obama could learn from abraham lincoln and so could every politician today. let me start with my favorite lesson, and that is take the pollsters, the hucksters, the analysts and the ad men and fire every one of them. abraham lincoln had to act on principle, in a way that no pollster or no advisor would ever have suggested because they're always bringing you down to the lowest common denominator and telling you, don't be bold and don't take risks, yet that is exactly the greatness of abraham lincoln, abraham lincoln also grew and developed on the job.
4:25 pm
he came in as an abbo-- the gre message of his second unaugust ral address. abraham lincoln also had great empathy for people. he went out front time and again and met with the troops. he had -- ordinary people could come and see lincoln, he wasn't in a bubble. he also had an inquiring mind and a depth of knowledge. >> professor, you bring up such an important point that we tend to forget, that abraham lincoln risk so much. and a question i want to ask you
4:26 pm
about barack obama regarding abe lincoln as his second term starts in january, what do you think barack obama can do to be more lincolnesque. he was lincolnesque in his third term. he's got to pick a couple of truly big historic issues and bring the american people along with him in that -- one of them could be climate change. you know, at the very end with hurricane sandy, all of a sudden that became an issue. it could be the greatest challenge facing humanity and we so to speak had our heads in the muck for the past 12 years about that. another great issue of course could be the enormous lack of equality of income in america where the very rough control such an enormous part of our income and wealth. you can't have a thriving
4:27 pm
democracy with that kind of i inequal -- >> what do you think abe lincoln would have thought about barack obama? >> who would have imagined that america would have an african-american president. who would have imagined ten years ago that we would have an african-american president. i think lincoln would look at barack obama as an event that he put into motion with freeing the slaves. i think he would urge barack obama in his second term not to listening to the small voices, but to think big and bold and to be enriched by the great lessons of history.
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an update on that awful crash that killed four people. video footage of the truck carrying the veterans did indeed have its lights on. investigators are trying to determine who is responsible for the crash. rescue crews have found a man's body in the gulf of mexico they believe he is one of the two crewmembers missing after an explosion on an oil blplatform. at least 11 others were injured in the blast. brand-new images, information and tweets are coming in virtually nonstop on both sides of the gaza conflict.
4:32 pm
josh levs is following up. >> the newsroom that i'm in right now has been looking at all sorts of video, facts, to get you caught up to speed on both sides of this conflict. this is one video, some of our latest video from gaza that shows a media center, and this is an area that was struck by israel. and what we're seeing now is some of the video inside that facility, bringing you details about this facility throughout the day, israel says it was struck because of the target was militants used that building. take a look at this next video here. [ speaking in native language ] >> this is from israel's channel 2. this is the iron dome
4:33 pm
interceptor system having shot down two incoming rockets from gaza on sunday evening, this evening, there's no damage reported from this one. a policeman says hamas has claimed responsibility for firing at the city. this was the second strike on that area, the commercial capital on sunday. the earlier attack, one person was actually hurt by falling debris from a rocket that was actually intercepted. that's what we're seeing from the iron dome. i want to take you over here to my computer. i pulled up i want to start with some of our photos here. because this tells a story, we're seeing pretty powerful images of young people. we see kids going through an area that was hit. and you see kids taking cover near an area in tel aviv, when the rockets sounded an alarm. they're reminders that even in conflict, children are children,
4:34 pm
sometimes you see a smile. we have some other photos as well, they're all at later on we'll be talking to you about the twitter war. >> josh levs, thank you very much. >> you got it. let's take a look now as some stories. in spain the government puts a two-year suspension on evictions of foreclosed home owners. this came more than a week after a spanish -- some people could end up paying for their homes even if they're foreclosed on. and have a look a at this, the effects of the eruption aren't expected to be felt here on earth. and appearance last night on "saturday night live" by new jersey governor chris christie today and here's why. >> i also would not like to thank any of the stupid mayors
4:35 pm
who ignored my evacuation orders, they're idiots, and when you ignore me, it makes you look look a real seth meyers. i would also like to thank the reporters who put themselves in danger by walking in the middle of a storm to tell us there's a hurricane. and i don't want to thank people who are screaming at people at gas stations, i know screaming at people at gas stations is just new jersey, but don't do it during a storm. is it time for u.s. catholic bishops to change their message.
4:36 pm
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after those big losses in the voting booth, church leaders are trying to figure out how they can use their differences moving forward. a prominent scholar and author, i've read two of his books and i have learned so much about his work with the church. >> bishops from across the united states met in balkan last week.
4:40 pm
>> the physician assisted suicide referendum in massachusetts. a couple of things about that struck them as very interesting. even though shaun o'malley were the ringleaders to the opposition, they made this strategic choice to stay in the background and let others carry the argument. and the joe biden people to do is messaging and that did have impact in reaching out to the undecideds. in general, of course you are right, they did take it on the chin, particularly in the same-sex marriage issue. and there i think there is a division among the bishops. some think if they just hunker down and fight harder, they can win. and they are open to a sort of new way to make these arguments. i think it's just too early to know how that's going to play out. >> there's a pr firm that worked with joe biden, how influential
4:41 pm
and how important is that? >> i think people that watched that race is critical. all the polling would suggest had a great deal of impact in terms of sway and it was a very close rate, but swayed it the bishop's way. a lot of bishops think that may tell them something about being able to work with people who aren't necessarily with them, but can help them on specific issues. in the message of congratulations, the cardinal tim dolan septembnt to presiden obama, he wished obama well. and just to be sure he didn't miss the point, he put in it ta tall aches. most prominent issue being the
4:42 pm
contraception main dates as part of the health care bill. the bishops don't feel they're prepared to roll over on any of those church-state battles. >> what about the catholic bishops who disagree with them on this issue? >> the thing about the catholic vote that just jumps up and smacks you in the face is the stark difference between white catholics and latino catholics. white catholics broke 59-40 for romney. obama actually lost 7 points among catholics. but latino catholics, that's almost a third of the 16 million catholics in america, obama actually picked up three points with that group. so if the bishops can't persuade
4:43 pm
more latino catholics to bring some of their concerns into the voting booth. they are going to be perpetually facing fourth and long to try to move the ball on things they care about. >> a football metaphor. thank you for joining us. #. actor daniel craig makes venus spy look like a pretty cool job. we wanted to know how much of 007 is real and what's a myth. and fast cars are whizzing around a racetrack in texas, we'll tell you why that's got formula one fans so excited.
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the stunts, the cool gadgets, the intrigue. never a dull moment if you're a james bond. but how do the lives of real
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spies compare to 007's. suzanne kelley gets the intel. sky fall delivers the heart dumping scenes you would expect from bond. but how many men bond's age can follow a car chase with a fistfight, on top of a moving train, only to be shot and fall to what appears to be a certain death. marty and robert are both former cia spies, both served in dangerous places where it would have been certain death if they had been discovered. cnn got them to talk. >> myth number one, spies have superhuman abilities. bond myth number two, style is a spy's best weapon. >> it can be and it may not necessarily conform to other people's sense of style. you have to know how to wear the
4:48 pm
clothes tribal leaders. >> bond myth number three, it's easier to work alone. >> to the extent that you can limit the point of nafailure, t better off you are. but in the last ten years or so, when you're working disproportionately in war zones. >> bond myth number four, breaking the rules is sometimes bad. >> there were times in order to accomplish the mission in the right way, you've got to be willing to break the rules and that gets dodgy in a world that is more and more controlled by lawyers. >> i have never seen james bond stop in the middle of a mission to call a lawyer. >> he doesn't have to worry about that. often times when you're down range, you do what you have to
4:49 pm
and you though you're going to have to answer for that. >> bond myth number five-- >> with the whole google biometrics, tracking, it's going to be real tough to be a different person all the time and not get called out on it. >> bond myth number six, sophisticated drinks make you cooler. >> it's either going to be the rolling stones or it's going to be frank sinatra lounge music. >> i'll ask you, drink four martinis and tell me how coherent you'll be. >> and that's the real intel into the life of a real spy. suzanne kelly, cnn, washington. the beloved twinkie after 82 years could become a foreign import. as you may have already heard,
4:50 pm
hostess is shutting down the manufacturi manufacturing. sara lee is possibly vying to make a bid to buyout hostess. mcclarn's lewis amount at the brand-new circus of emeritus. >> reporter: this is the brand new $400 million circuit of the americas, formula, it's back in the states. this is the approach to turn one, it's a 133-foot climb up
4:51 pm
that hill followed by 20 sweeping high speed turns, this track promises to be like no other. and i'm about to get the feel of what it's like. >> as someone who's never been in one of these cars, what is going to feel like. >> obviously if you can manage that in the corner you want to try to keep feeling the car, you don't want to let your body go and everything. so you probably have to hold your neck. >> reporter: whoa, that's a fight fit. >> yes. >> reporter: i'm here to tell you, i'm pretty nervous, but in a good way.
4:52 pm
it would be very late breaking. >> they call it the direction high speed. for me it looks like a bit of corners that i wouldn't enjoy to guys in a formula car. in this type of formula where you get the most out of an f-1 car. we're going along straight and hairpins and that's definitely a great opportunity for banking. it's definitely very special. >> reporter: oh, that was amazing. that was so much more than i expected. you're whipping around these turns and at times the car
4:53 pm
sliding out from under us. but a skilled driver, he corrects and moves on. it's unlike anything i have exexperienced. let's put it this way, rob was not kicking and screaming when he got that assignment. something strange has been spotted over the skies in colorado. nonon this is a fire
4:54 pm
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it's a mile high mystery in the skies over denver, colorado. take a look at this, a strange object, these are true pictures, flying over the city. nobody can explain exactly what it is. a local resident shot this video from a hill top north of denver. he says the fascinating object appears around noon a few days a week. so not just one time. so what do the experts say? >> this is not a plane, it's not a helicopter, it's not birds. i can't identify it. perhaps there's some sort of zree that's being raised up by
4:57 pm
some of the atmospheric winds. as it fits the definition, it's an unidentified flying object. >> okay so if they're aliens, come down and have a press conference so we can interview you. the black friday shopping frenzy comes with a hitch. we have got the details. [ male announcer ] it's that time of year again.
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